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SangA Pharm Korean Red Ginseng Extract Daily Time Stick 10mlx30 Improve immunity

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  • SangA Pharm Korean Red Ginseng Extract Daily Time Stick 10mlx30pcs 
  • Sanga Pharmaceutical made with 100% Korean 6-year-old red ginseng Red ginseng daily time to take care of the immunity easily with 1 packet per a day
  • Improve immunity: Helps boost immune system by increasing the immune cells needed and protecting the body from harmful substances that can invade through the skin, digestive tract and respiratory system

  • Helps to improve blood circulation: Actively strengthens the metabolism of the human body to invigorate the energy and helps blood flow through platelet aggregation inhibition
  • Helps to recover from fatigue: Saponin, other polysaccharides, and many other substances can be useful in living organisms to help you recover from fatigue
  • Helps prevent aging: Increases antioxidant enzymes to protect the body from free radicals, helping to prevent aging
  • Intake Method: Take 1 packet once a day
  • Made in Korea

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