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One Thing Centella Asiatica Extract K beauty Soothing, Moisturizing

  • $17.50

  • One Thing Centella Asiatica Extract 150ml/5.0fl.oz, 300ml/10.0fl.oz
  • Helps calm skin: Helps to reduce inflammation and calm skin
  • Boosts skin elasticity: promotes skin elasticity and helps promote blood circulation
  • Antioxidants: Helps improve skin pigmentation
  • How to use: i) Use as a skin: As the first step of skin care, moisten the cotton pad and prepare the skin texture or sprinkle it in the mist container. Ii) Use as a cream: 10: 1 (eg> 100ml + Centella asiatica extract 10ml) Please use in combination iii) Use as a mask pack: Moisten the extract on the cotton pad and paste it on the area that needs intensive care for 10 minutes
  • Made in Korea

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